Meet the Data Consultants

The University of Virginia Library has been building expertise in data management for years now. Drawing upon that expertise, the Library created the Scientific Data Consulting Group (SciDaC) in 2010 to address emerging US National Science Foundation data management planning requirements and other growing needs.  Over the course of several years, the team has evolved and now works with researchers in more domain areas and no longer focuses exclusively on scientific data.  In 2013, the group was renamed the Data Management Consulting Group to reflect this broader approach. Contact the Data Management Consulting Group now to start a conversation about your research.

Bill Corey,  Data Consultant

Bill has been working for the University of Virginia for 22 years, the last 10 for the University Library. Over the years, he has supported the research process primarily through central support operations in Clemons Library, LEO, management of the Ivy Annex, the Google Book Project, and most recently in the Ivy Stacks Retrofit Project. He is now focused on how technology is changing libraries and the research process, and is working on research data management issues. He has a certification in Foundations in Copyright Management and Leadership,  has completed the WIPO General Course on Intellectual Property and the WIPO Advanced Course on Copyright and Related Rights,  a BA in Philosophy, and a MS in Library and Information Studies.

Areas of focus: open access, intellectual property, data ownership, copyright, data access and sharing policies, and data repositories.

Andrea Denton, Health Sciences Data Consultant

Andrea has been working with researchers for over 20 years as a librarian specializing in the biomedical sciences. She leads the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library’s Research and Data Services team to coordinate and develop library services to support issues related to e-science, data management, and digital resources for scientific research. She currently is expanding her knowledge of data management practices as a part-time “resident” with the Data Management Consulting team. Andrea has a BS in Biology, and a MS in Library and Information Studies.

Areas of focus: bioinformatics, metadata, and policy.

Sherry Lake, Senior Data Consultant

Sherry has been working with scientific data for over 25 years. She has expertise in programming, UNIX systems, database structures and software, as well as many of the major metadata standards. Sherry has worked in both industry and academics, and is particularly strong in helping researchers improve their process and data management practices. Until it’s closing in May 2010, Sherry worked in the Research Computing Lab in support of a wide assortment of data problems in environmental sciences, biology, engineering, economics, business, and other areas. She has a BS in Computer Science, and a MS in Information Sciences.

Areas of focus: software, data management and organization, databases and metadata throughout the data lifecycle.

Ricky Patterson, Data Consultant

Ricky has been working as a researcher for 25 years, primarily in the Department of Astronomy. He has experience with both historical data sets (in particular, the astronomical photographic plate collection of McCormick Observatory, including the associated metadata), and modern astronomical imaging and spectroscopic datasets. Ricky has extensive experience at UVa in funded research (proposing, administering, conducting, publishing and reporting), scientific methods (data analysis), programming with both general and discipline-specific tools, system administration within a work group and at a departmental level, storage environments/systems, data sharing and archiving, research documentation (from 19th century observing notes to electronic data acquisition and reduction logs). He is working as a part-time consultant with the team while continuing as a researcher in astronomy. He has a BA in Astronomy and Physics, a MA in Astronomy, and a PhD in Astronomy.

Areas of focus:  funded research, research methods, and implementation of research data management plans.


Each summer, the team supports at least one library/information school graduate student intern, with the intention of providing real-world opportunities to apply knowledge of data management and curation practices. Our interns are listed below.  Contact us if you are interested in joining us as an intern.

2012 – Laura Miller, Florida State University

2012 – Andrea Ogier, University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign

2012 – Rachel Mandell, University of California – Los Angeles (via DataONE internship program)

2011 – Susan Borda, Syracuse University

2011 – Thea Atwood, Syracuse University

The Data Management Consulting Group partners with many institutional stakeholders, including the VP of Research and VP/CIO, to provide institution-wide solutions for improving data management practices, particularly in response to emerging funder requirements for data management planning.