Data Management Planning

Are you writing a grant proposal? Most Federal and many private funding agencies now require a Data Management Plan as part of the proposal. We can help with that!

We’ll walk you through the components of a DMP for your sponsoring agency and help you identify resources you can use in your DMP. We’re happy to meet with you (email us at, and we’ve partnered in the development of an online data management planning tool for researchers — the DMPTool (

The University of Virginia Library collaborated with several research institutions on the development of the DMPTool, an online application that helps researchers create effective data management plans. Version 1 of the DMPTool was released in November 2011; and with the help of a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, we released version 2 on May 29, 2014.

The new version of the tool includes all of the features of the previous version: Plus, we’ve added some new functionality, allowing researchers to:
  • Providing step-by-step instructions and guidance for creating a DMP tailored for specific funding agencies,
  • Providing information about local resources and services, and
  • Saving and printing plans.
  • Co-create plans with colleagues,
  • Submit plans to institutional administrators for review and assistance, and
  • Share plans publically or within the institution.

Users of the DMPTool can view sample plans, preview funder requirements and view the latest changes to their plans. It permits the user to create an editable document for submission to a funding agency and can accommodate different versions as funding requirements change. The following funders’ data management and sharing plans are currently supported in the DMPTool: NSF, NIH, NEH-ODH, IMLS, NOAA, IES, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

As a UVa DMPTool user, researchers use Netbadge and their UVa Computing id to access the DMPTool. The tool provides links to local UVa resources for guidance and help while developing your Data Management Plan.

The Data Management Consulting Group, part of the University of Virginia Library’s Research Data Services, is available to help with Data Management Plans for all UVa researchers, whether you use the DMPTool or not, and for those who need help with data management beyond just the proposal stage.

Check out the DMPTool! Or email us at to set up an appointment.